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That's right, you will NEVER speak to someone off shore - We are not the cheap bastards of large corporations who are interested in BILLIONS of profits and not caring one bit about the customer!!
Why are we better?
We are NOT afraid to tell it like it is - we give you honest answers and solutions - we never comprise our quality over cost - those concerned with the cheapest can go elsewhere !! We make you technology needs work for you and your business!
We still work on Nortel Norstar as it is the BEST of all Key/Small PBX systems on the market today! If you have a Nortel Norstar or Option PBX and your having issue or need help, feel free to contact us today and see if we can help you!
RELIABLE Fast Web Hosting in the U.S.A.

Did you leave your web host to go to India for $1.99 per month? Our customers did and they have been coming back - you get what you pay for!
Frustration with Technology ends here - Network not working? Internet slow? Someone broke in to your computer or server and is wrecking havoc? Are those spam emails being sent from your accounts to clients or family members? Did you get a call from your ISP telling you that a machine or two is sending out spam or viruses? A new virus or email scam happens every 18 seconds in the United States - Just as they say a home break in occurs every 11 seconds, there are people that are up to no good attempting to hack into your home or business network - some do it for fun to prove they can do it, but the majority that do it are engaged on stealing your information so they can open new accounts, charge on old accounts, get your banking information, trick you for passwords, or even send you an email from the IRS that looks real and legitimate!

Today more then ever with 72 percent of the United States having "high speed always on internet" both home and business networks need to have the best security so a hacker will give up and move on to a softer target.

DoMyWeb can help you in this ever changing technology world with the experience and know how to keep your data safe and out of the hands of criminals!

We NEVER outsource any of our work and your calls will be answered here in the United States - NEVER offshore - We don't want to speak to Off Shore help desks, and neither do you. Our ATS (American Technical Support) is just that - Tech Support in the U.S.A. !!
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