Your business deals with the Public every single day—You have multiple stores/clubs that people can visit but all the computers do not talk to each other. Each time a clerk has to enter all that information over again, time is being taken from a sale—but you don’t have to do that anymore with our program! With a simple scan of the back of a customers drivers license* you can find out if the customer has been to your location of if they are a new customer and have the data automatically populate in the database—no more errors by clerks typing in the wrong information and this works great if your store or club has a membership or members reward program—the customer needs not to carry any cards other then their drivers license!

Our program has successfully been installed at a few health clubs tand our clients could not be happier.

“Our Front Desk runs efficiently now and our guests are checked in quickly and accurately” - Steven, CBC Providence

“Before our clerks made all sorts of errors that cost us money in lost or expired Memberships, now since we are using the program errors are very rare” - Erington at Samson Gym

“Our store has members rewards for the amount of visits-before we used to punch cards and we all know how easy it was to do— now we have an accurate date and time the customer came in” - Ben, at Kar Shack

“Our Car wash LOVES this program—our clerk simply enters the cars license plate number when the car pulls up and we know what they like and even know how many times because after eight washes, you get a Super Wash FREE”. Jim at Classic Car Wash

“Our Fantasy Hotel uses this program—it helps with our valuable guests and lets us keep track of their favorite rooms” - Mistress Kerry at Bouiver Motel

IN THE CLOUD requires just a PC connected to the Internet—All data is stored In Class A Server Farms. Since we began doing this in 1999, we have NEVER lost any customer data nor had an outage longer then eight hours (caused by a multiple fiber optic cut) Your Data is SECURE with us—our databases are built with super strong 408 bit blowfish encryption (the same requirement for HIPPA) and our database require three LONG passwords plus an authentication token before access is allowed only to authorized users. Our program has many levels of security (Clerk, supervisor, manager, Owner) and no one can penetrate the system without proper authentication. We take your data very seriously and the trust that you have put in our company.

(* some states are now encyrpting data so scanning is not possible )
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