Back in 1986, our CEO Albert Reilly started working in the Brokerage houses in NYC - The phone was the most important part of the business - if a turett was down that cost money - same had to do with a standard 1A2 telephone or electronic phone system - without a phone and back then no internet, the phone was vital to business more then ever. In his off hours, Mr. Reilly performed service for other clients that were all generated by "word of mouth" and he proved to others that there was a reliable person to take care of thier phone needs faster then NYNEX or New York Telephone could - Mr. Reilly also had clients in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania - We always recommended either Panasonic Key or Norstar key systems for home or business (Yes, people with large homes or multiple bedrooms with kids needed something like a small office) and always received rave reviews for the installation and service - One thing that really stood out - Once he put in the system he rarely got a call back unless something really went wrong - Mr. Reilly chose Panasonic and Nortel for reliabilty and not price - those systems have 100 percent uptime - and our very first customer back in 1987 is stil using the Nortel Norstar after all those years!

In the 90's came the Internet - from the old dial up, to cable modems, to high speed T-1's we were ready for the challenge - we asssisted many clients getting onto the world wide web and they saw thier reservations and sales increase. With all the new technolgy came the computer virus'es and network hacking - We stood ready to deploy the best technology to our customers - we may have been more the the fly by night web security expert, but our clients to this day have not lost any data!

From 2000 to present: We stand ready to deal with your issues - You will speak to an American when you call - We would not have it any other way. Our philopshy has been "You may pay more for our service but the end result is it is worth it" - Sorry but we do not negoitate our prices lower - Try doing that with Geek Squad!!

From Telecommunications (Old Style 1A2 to SIP Trunking), Web Hosting, Web Programming, Web Applications, Video, Voice, Data, Sound, Satellite and Home Automation - we are your single source for all your technolgy needs.
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